Friday, April 22, 2011

4 Mile Run

Normally, an easy 4 would just be a one liner in my log, a run to be forgotten amongst many easy miles.  Today though, that easy 4 meant as much to me as a big PR.  I was able to run the entire distance with absolutely no pain in my leg.  I felt nothing during or after the run.  Just a few weeks ago, this would have been enough to cause pain in my leg for days.

An easy 4 is certainly not a sub-16:30 5K, it's not my sub-2:40 marathon hopes, and it is certainly not enough training to get me anywhere near where I have to be.  But yet I am almost as happy and proud of myself as I would have been running Boston.

That will be my only run for the week, making my first week back a whole 4 miles.  Next week, I'm going to do 4 or 5 on Tuesday and another 3 or 4 on Wednesday to see how I respond to back-to-back days.  The Tuesday run will be at moderate pace rather than easy pace just to see how things go. I'm giving myself a hard cap of 15 miles for next week, so I should have the chance to run 2 more times.  If I still feel good Wednesday, I may throw my name into a 5K that weekend, but only if I still feel 100%.

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