Monday, August 15, 2011

Du the 2 Additional Notes...Splits and Pics

This race was so awesome that I'm going to talk about it again.  First, here's a link to an article summing up the day:

I actually got mentioned for leading the first run.  The video also has a short interview they did during my second transition.  You can even get a great look at my weird running form when they show the leaders at the end of run #1.

My first run, clocked at 11:13.  I actually crossed the 2 mile point in under 11 minutes, but the timing mat was at the start of transition.  I was #1 going into T1.

Here are some picks.  I'm the guy in the white/blue/black/green Liquigas Cannondale jersey.  Sooner or later I'll have an Adventures for the Cure jersey to represent my cycling team, but until then, I'll pretend to be a pro rider...
Some notes.  The guy directly behind me, also a Back on my Feet runner is a much stronger cyclist than me, but I'm a better runner.  He crushed me on the bike and actually had a faster second run.  I've been trying to keep up with him on rides, but he's still got more speed!

#218 was the overall winner.  He runs as fast as I do, but is also a cat 2 road cyclist (aka a beast).  He crushed the bike course and his overall time was 10 minutes faster than me.  I still beat him to T1 though!

I had a decent lead going into the turn to transition and was feeling quite pleased, as you can see by my expression...

Lots of bikes!  I knew exactly where mine was, nothing like getting lost and hunting for your bike.

"Hey look at that runner trying to transition!"  If I had psyched anyone out on the first run, they probably realized right away that I was a fraud, a sheep in wolf's clothing, or whatever cliche you want to use!  T1 took an agonizing 1:22, good for 84th overall.  I was in 6th place before even mounting my bike!  I spent most of my time on my cycling shoes, had trouble unracking my bike, and wasted too much time with my helmet.  I've already got ideas for next time...  Including: putting my stuff near my down tire since that is the side that is easiest to unrack the bike, strapping 4 of my 6 straps on my cycling shoes, and doing the shoes first followed by the helmet, without standing in between.  Hopefully that will get me down to the top spots.

Running on speed play zero cleats is tough, but I'm getting pretty good at it.  Right behind me is that Back on my Feet runner.  My Cannondale SuperSix with RS10 wheels is certainly no match for his Slice was 59mm deep aero American Classic carbon wheels.  Though even with my upgraded stuff, I probably am still too slow!

And I'm off!  That dude in front of me was a beast on the bike and killed it out there.  I made it back to transition eventually right on his heels, but he killed me in the run.

Start of bike lap 2.  A slight climb, hence riding on the hoods.  I tried to spend a lot of time in the drops with all the downhills.

Near the end of the bike.  I had just blown past a triathlon bike and was coming in real hard at the end.  I had to give it a little bit of braking before hitting the last corner!  If it wasn't wet out, I would have gone full bore because I hit that last corner dead on.  The runner in the background is the same Back on My Feet runner who was now well into his first running loop.

Dismount, approaching transition 2.  Bike time for 26 miles was 1:15:45, good for 26th overall.  Only 5 minutes separated me from 10th, so there were a lot of cyclists doing similar times out there.  My new aero bars and wheels alone would have bumped me up a lot!  Training more would help too...

Even with shoes that don't need to be tied, I have a lot of trouble...  1:15, good for 69th and that is with quick tying shoes!  I need to dismount faster for one, but I'm afraid of falling.  The good people unclip one foot, swing over the back of the bike, and have both legs on the same side.  They come almost to a stop, unclip the other foot and jump off while immediately running.  I come to a stop and unclip, which takes forever.

The agony was showing on my face.  I was also completely drenched in sweat because of the humidity.  This is lap 1 of the 4 mile run.  Before this race, I did not buy into the idea that triathlon bikes save your legs better for the run.  However, I've discovered scientific tests that have proven this idea, and based on how crappy my legs felt, I agree with it!  The geometry of a triathlon bike supposedly works your legs slightly differently so that they don't feel as heavy on a run afterwards as compared to a road bike.  Oh well...

I think this is the second loop.  I look even less happy!

At long last, the finish.  Run 2, 25:48, 6:45 pace, about 4th overall.  A few people only did one loop on the second run which screwed up the rankings but after removing those individuals, my 2nd run was 4th fastest.  It was good for 12th overall and first in my age group.  I apparently looked like hell crossing the line.  This stuff is harder than marathons, believe me!

And finally, a relieved that it is over picture of me and the bike.  Of course, this pic is already outdated!  My bike actually looks a lot sexier with the new wheels and aerobars.  I'll have to get a pic of it after my next race!

Imagine those bad boys on the bike.  Note the matching color scheme, black rims and white lettering.  And yes, bikes can be hot!

Until next time....Run + Cycle More!!


  1. Great race report & great overall finish, especially 1st in age group. With new wheels and aerobars and some work on your transitions, your time will really improve. The Du community has a new rising star. Pictures look pretty good, glad you added them.

  2. Thanks for your story bro.I was somehow looking for someone who wears cycling jersey to run for duathlon.And found you.Now I'm confused in either spending my money on a new groupset or spend RM 700 Malaysian Ringgits just on a trisuit.But what the heck right?Might as well buy compression shorts only :)

  3. Running in a cycling jersey is fine, though I hear they don't breathe as well as tri shirts. Just unzip it on the runs and it's good enough...

    Its the shorts that really make the difference. Running in cycling shorts is impossible, and cycling in running shorts is horribly uncomfortable. The tri short is the best combination of the two!

    I would say a new groupset is probably going to make a bigger difference than a trisuit, so good choice :)