Friday, September 16, 2011

R U Able Duathlon Splits and Pics

The splits are in!  I am extremely pleased with my run times, that's for sure!  All pictures are courtesy of my dad, who got some really awesome pictures of me in action on the bike, which I have been lacking for some time!

Yes, I drive a yellow car.  Anyway, I'm sporting the brand new Adventures for the Cure Hincapie gear, a tri top and tri shorts.  I was already rather familiar with tri shorts, but the top was new to me.  It is much, much lighter than a cycling jersey, making it wonderfully more comfortable to run in, and it sure came in handy.  The padding on these particular shorts also proved much more comfortable than my other pair (less chaffing!).

Here is the start of the first run leg, the 5K, as well as the finish.  If only actually running it were that easy...  First, 5K split: 16:54.  Not too bad considering I had to go ride the bike for a while and then do another 5K.  1st individual duathlete to finish, 2nd overall including the actual 5K race and the relay.

Transition 1 went quite smooth.  Of the 6 straps on my cycling shoes, I had 4 of them completely strapped and 2 just loose enough to slip my feet in.  That saved a ton of time.  Of course, I had all kinds of trouble trying to get on my bike and probably looked like a damn fool doing it!  The trouble getting on my bike slowed my bike leg time though, not my transition time.  T1: 49 seconds, 34th overall.  I still don't know how people are getting out 10-15 seconds faster, but whatever.

A few bike pictures.  Note the clip on aero bars and the new wheels compared to pics from other duathlons.  They certainly help!  The bike course was actually a lot of fun since I could go so fast on the flats.  Only part of the course was freshly paved.  If it all was, man, that would have been sweet.  Bike Leg: 40:03, 6th overall.  Now, the results say my average speed was 23.1 mph.  My bike computer got me at 21.5mph and measured the course slightly short of 14.5 miles.  The calculated average in the results is based on a 14.5 mile course.  Bike computers (unlike Garmins) are rather accurate at measuring distance.  The computer also counts running with the bike as part of the overall speed, which will make it lower.  I won't give myself credit for 23mph, but I'll say my average speed was around 22.

 Transition 2 went well.  I got off my bike by unclipping the right foot, swinging my leg to the left and jumping off just how the "cool" triathletes do it.  If you have the balance to pull it off, it's actually a lot easier to get off a road bike that way when you are tired.  The more traditional way of coming to a complete stop and standing over the frame requires a real high leg kick and some coordination of which I lack.  Transition 2 time: 37 seconds, 31st overall.  Some of the relay teams may have faster transition times since they have less to do than an individual, but still, I am slow!

Approaching and crossing the line.  I never do much celebrating after crossing, even if it's for a top spot.  I don't show boat a whole lot; just leave the bragging for Facebook and this blog!  Second 5K: 17:38, second only to the same relay runner who beat me on the first 5K leg.  I had a 50 second lead going onto the bike, was behind second place by 50 seconds coming off the bike, then won by over a minute.

I am definitely still a runner with a bike!

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  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement about the pics. Congrads on winning your first duathlon. We had a great time at the race.